How to start a technology blog

Blogging provides an easier platform for most technology enthusiasts to not only make a name for themselves but also reach a wider audience. Technology bloggers have a platform to talk about a wide range of issues concerning technology thus giving them an upper hand as the go to guy when it comes to matters technology.

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Although blogging about technology can seem a walk in the park it often proves difficult for most newbies. One should remember that there are so many technology bloggers out there hence there is need to always come up with content that is unique and sets you apart from the rest of the blogger. The following are some amazing tips on how to start a technology blog;

Be an Authority

For bloggers looking for a niche in technology it is important that one is authoritative enough and comes out as somebody who knows exactly what he is talking about. This can only be done by specialising in a specific area and coming up with relevant content in that area. Bloggers should specialise on a particular area of interest. A good example is when you focus on an area such as game developments make sure you build your name as a blogger in this area so as to make you credible.

Reference Other Bloggers

This is one important tip every technology blogger should be aware of. Ensure that in all your blogs you link to posts from influential bloggers who are writing about related topics. It is important to know that other bloggers who might not necessarily be that popular are most likely to link to your posts so it is also important to balance on who you are referencing to.

Bring out your personality

It is important that your blogs always have a personal feel to them. Ensure that you bring out the real you I every post. If you are a jovial person always bring that out. People tend to relate with the real you.

Be Passionate

Remember that unless you are passionate about a product it is impossible to convince someone to see it in the same light. Technology is changing at a very first rate and it takes a passionate person to convince people on the benefit of a particular product. You cannot fake passion it should just come out naturally.

Explain Technology

Make blogs about technology comprehensive and easy. It should be more of a step by step tip on how to do something. Make it as simple as possible but without diluting the content,

Blog Frequently

For a blogger to be popular he has to continuously churn out a lot of materials that are fresh and relevant. Ensure that you blog frequently about technology and always make your content original and relevant.


A Couple Of Essential Travel Suggestions

6139a813cf7ec6c82a5bc183a11a036eBefore you travel the world travel the internet.

If you failed to reserve your transport, hotel, and rental car at an online travel website, you made your booking much more complicated than it had to be, and you likely paid more compared to rock bottom cost. Assure yourself you are going to use the net for the next venture that is important. Thus, while you are doing that read some travel tips that are vital right away and get a head start. Below are some tips as given by Portland Pest Control

– Here is one of the most vital travel tips: Before you board your flight, long before you leave the airplane, review the airline security rules and the travel document conditions at your destination: What are you able to take in your carry-on luggage, how much baggage are you able to check and how much are you going to pay for that benefit? Can you want your passport and travel documents that are supplementary? Would you need other health advice or vaccination records? Does your destination place any limitations on which you may bring with you?

– A little knowledge of literature and history goes quite a distance as you see with important landmarks: Do you understand why they constructed the Eifel Tower and for whom it’s named? Have you any idea the complete story of the Taj Mahal? Does one recall which well-known work of literature found its way to paper at the Hotel Del Coronado from imagination? When you understand the history, the people’s reverence is more readily comprehended by you for their landmarks. Acquire some destination particular travel tips from friends who’ve already seen that area.

Understand before you go

Take time to learn a bit about customs and the culture . Analyze-up on the common tourist errors to ensure you learn enough about the local currency you could estimate how much you might be paying for all those memorabilia and curios, and do not give them. Learn appropriate etiquette for greeting and meeting new people, and pay particular focus on tipping etiquette, because you may not need to omit crucial individuals out of your list that is gratuities nor do you need to diss professionals when you ought not by tipping. Find out about the dress codes: many upscale European casinos and most cruise ships forbid some casual fashions and require evening attire.



sunny_day_at_cloud_gate_-_main_cropped_2014_445x280Make no little plans. They have no magic to stir men’s blood,” advised one of Chicago’s leading architects nearly a century ago. Chicagoans listened. You can’t visit the Windy City today and find much that’s small about it.

This is the 2nd place i love, the first one is New Braunfels where i love La Vermia Restaurants. Here i like Skyscrapers stretch toward the heavens—four are more than a thousand feet tall—while shorter buildings loom large as unrivaled works of art as much as architecture. Lake Michigan, that sparkling inland sea, laps at the city’s doorstep along 29 miles of shoreline adorned with spacious parks, marinas and public beaches. Venerable museums house treasures, both natural and manmade, in such profusion that even the most determined sightseers can’t manage to see every painting, sculpture, fossil or living specimen on display. And even the most dedicated shoppers can’t hope to browse all the glitzy boutiques, department stores and vertical malls along downtown’s Magnificent Mile within a single visit.

Wandering among its intimate neighborhoods or encountering that famous Midwestern friendliness, you might briefly forget you’re in one of the world’s biggest cities, but only briefly. Reminders of Chicago’s immense scale are everywhere, and you will probably be overwhelmed at first. But if you’re looking for blood-stirring magic, this is the place.

Imagine walking through a park when a huge silver object appears before you. Surrounding it, curious onlookers stroke its gleaming surface as if mesmerized by someone—or something—inside.

It may seem as if you’ve stepped into a science-fiction thriller, but such a sight has become commonplace in Chicago’s Millennium Park since the mammoth “Cloud Gate” sculpture was completed in 2006. Likened, not unkindly, to a big silver bean, it has become a city icon recognized around the world. People do indeed find it difficult not to touch its highly polished sides.

British artist Anish Kapoor designed “Cloud Gate” partly as a mirror to Chicago’s extraordinary skyline, which explains why sightseers gaze into its shiny, light-bending contours as if it were a crystal ball. In a way, it is a crystal ball, only instead of the future, it is the past—represented by Chicago’s brick, glass and steel towers—that is reflected in its surface. And no event looms larger in that past than one so catastrophic it’s still notorious today: the Great Chicago Fire of 1871.

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The Hottest Trends of news cars 2016

maxresdefaultIt’s been in the news pretty lately that 2015 was the remarkable year for USA auto sales ever. The USA car business, like so much of the producer sector, was under pressure to stay active less than a decade ago. Currently, it has bounce back to an all-time high. Anyway, those statistics may be missing that 2015 was remarkable for new cars across the board, with automakers of every country selling near-record or record quantities. The Innovation and adaptability of 2015 seems to continue complete speed in 2016 with these warm trends for latest cars. One of my good friend who is really great lover of Cars and always keep his eyes on latest trends. He at Conways in New Braunfels gave me some tips about cars which i am writing below.

Safety First

Safety has, definitely, forever been a big aspect of the industry. Now, anyway, technological innovation makes it simple than ever to incorporate safety with sacrificing the driver’s fun. While we are likely still a few years from completely-automated motor cars, the technology which it is predicted is already being into present models. Latest cars in 2016 continue to push this envelope with motion sensor technology that mechanically stops or decelerates the vehicle when impact is imminent. Other safety specs are designed to take the driver into account. For instance, some producers are outfitting their products with “teen mode” that permits parents to limit the stereo use, as studies present a correction between new drivers and loud music getting into accidents. With teen mode, the kids will definitely focus more on road.

Goodbye Gas Guzzlers

Expect fuel economy to keep rising. Some analysis might urge caution on this point, and it is easy that the recent drastic down in gasoline prices could impact sales of new vehicles in the little term. Still, the time period of engineering, design and manufacturing does not truly sync with little term spikes and dips in the oil market. Include to the fact that atmosphere change is moving the environmentalist edge to center and front of the international political discussion.

Everything connected

Wireless link is here to stay. New vehicles are coming standardized with Bluetooth link, cloud-based fun synchronized with all your gadgets, and smart technologies that teach as you drive. Moving to broadband link will better the fuel and safety economy and automobiles are capable to process bigger and bigger amounts of data from a range of sources.

If you are looking for a fresh ride in 2016, keep an eye out for those latest new trends!


How To Start Learning Programming

There are variety of graphic design software’s available these days. One can decide which one to choose based on various factors such as the availability for user’s platform, the feature set, usability of user interface (UI) and the focus of program. Some requirements are more suitable for artistic work while others are better for technical drawings. It also depends on the software’s support of various vector and bitmap image formats for import and export. The best graphic design software is undoubtedly Inkscape. It has been in the market for quite some time now (since 2003) and has still maintained its mark. The word Inkscape consists of two words ‘ink’ and ‘scape’.

The best part being it’s free. It has few problems when used on Windows but it works flawlessly on Linux. It is indeed the most popular graphics designer software which is easy to understand and use with an interface which is easily understandable. lnkscape also provides tooltips and hints, keys and controls commands. The messages that provide users hints are dynamic. An object displays four hints when it is being edited with the help of just one tool.

Inkscape supports SVG file formats but not all SVG features. SVG is W3C-standard. Nevertheless, the features Inkscape provides is no less than its paid competitors like Freehand, and thus making it a very useful software. Its SVG files uses all client side functionality like JavaScript, CSS, HTMLS and SVG. Thus there is no server-side functionality which makes it more efficient and fast. Inkscape provides the following 10 key features:

  1. Drawing various shapes which includes lines, polylines, rectangles, squares, ellipses, circles, polygon, curved paths and stars.
  2. Free-hand drawings.
  3. Alpha blending.
  4. Complex path operations.
  5. Bitmap tracing.
  6. Opening vector files of SVG, SVGZ, PDF and Adobe Illustrator.
  7. Imports JPEG, PNG, etc but only exports PNG bitmaps.
  8. Pattern grouping.
  9. Direct XML editing
  10. Text-on-path It also supports Object creation and manipulation.

Every object is subjected to an arbitrary affine transformations such as scaling, rotating, moving and configurable matrix. The objects can also be styled by specifying different attributes like Fill, Stroke Fill and Filters. Though Inkscape can bring in new features that the software can support like SVG fonts and filters, effects and animations.

Only if you use Inkscape, you would know how easy it is to understand and get started. There are various online guides and tutorials that help you understand the software better. All i can say is try it to know if.