How to start a technology blog

Blogging provides an easier platform for most technology enthusiasts to not only make a name for themselves but also reach a wider audience. Technology bloggers have a platform to talk about a wide range of issues concerning technology thus giving them an upper hand as the go to guy when it comes to matters technology.

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Although blogging about technology can seem a walk in the park it often proves difficult for most newbies. One should remember that there are so many technology bloggers out there hence there is need to always come up with content that is unique and sets you apart from the rest of the blogger. The following are some amazing tips on how to start a technology blog;

Be an Authority

For bloggers looking for a niche in technology it is important that one is authoritative enough and comes out as somebody who knows exactly what he is talking about. This can only be done by specialising in a specific area and coming up with relevant content in that area. Bloggers should specialise on a particular area of interest. A good example is when you focus on an area such as game developments make sure you build your name as a blogger in this area so as to make you credible.

Reference Other Bloggers

This is one important tip every technology blogger should be aware of. Ensure that in all your blogs you link to posts from influential bloggers who are writing about related topics. It is important to know that other bloggers who might not necessarily be that popular are most likely to link to your posts so it is also important to balance on who you are referencing to.

Bring out your personality

It is important that your blogs always have a personal feel to them. Ensure that you bring out the real you I every post. If you are a jovial person always bring that out. People tend to relate with the real you.

Be Passionate

Remember that unless you are passionate about a product it is impossible to convince someone to see it in the same light. Technology is changing at a very first rate and it takes a passionate person to convince people on the benefit of a particular product. You cannot fake passion it should just come out naturally.

Explain Technology

Make blogs about technology comprehensive and easy. It should be more of a step by step tip on how to do something. Make it as simple as possible but without diluting the content,

Blog Frequently

For a blogger to be popular he has to continuously churn out a lot of materials that are fresh and relevant. Ensure that you blog frequently about technology and always make your content original and relevant.


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