How To Start Learning Programming

There are variety of graphic design software’s available these days. One can decide which one to choose based on various factors such as the availability for user’s platform, the feature set, usability of user interface (UI) and the focus of program. Some requirements are more suitable for artistic work while others are better for technical drawings. It also depends on the software’s support of various vector and bitmap image formats for import and export. The best graphic design software is undoubtedly Inkscape. It has been in the market for quite some time now (since 2003) and has still maintained its mark. The word Inkscape consists of two words ‘ink’ and ‘scape’.

The best part being it’s free. It has few problems when used on Windows but it works flawlessly on Linux. It is indeed the most popular graphics designer software which is easy to understand and use with an interface which is easily understandable. lnkscape also provides tooltips and hints, keys and controls commands. The messages that provide users hints are dynamic. An object displays four hints when it is being edited with the help of just one tool.

Inkscape supports SVG file formats but not all SVG features. SVG is W3C-standard. Nevertheless, the features Inkscape provides is no less than its paid competitors like Freehand, and thus making it a very useful software. Its SVG files uses all client side functionality like JavaScript, CSS, HTMLS and SVG. Thus there is no server-side functionality which makes it more efficient and fast. Inkscape provides the following 10 key features:

  1. Drawing various shapes which includes lines, polylines, rectangles, squares, ellipses, circles, polygon, curved paths and stars.
  2. Free-hand drawings.
  3. Alpha blending.
  4. Complex path operations.
  5. Bitmap tracing.
  6. Opening vector files of SVG, SVGZ, PDF and Adobe Illustrator.
  7. Imports JPEG, PNG, etc but only exports PNG bitmaps.
  8. Pattern grouping.
  9. Direct XML editing
  10. Text-on-path It also supports Object creation and manipulation.

Every object is subjected to an arbitrary affine transformations such as scaling, rotating, moving and configurable matrix. The objects can also be styled by specifying different attributes like Fill, Stroke Fill and Filters. Though Inkscape can bring in new features that the software can support like SVG fonts and filters, effects and animations.

Only if you use Inkscape, you would know how easy it is to understand and get started. There are various online guides and tutorials that help you understand the software better. All i can say is try it to know if.


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