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Application Use

At Entech International we have gained valuable experience within processing safety certified, next-generation Fluoride-ion battery technology. We aim to provide our clients with three main areas of specific battery application, and we will also offer an extensive range of other industry uses.


Consumer Electronics

Many consumer electronics have now become so integrated into our modern world that we are dependent on these technologies. From smartphones, tablets, laptops and wearable electronics, we will be able to use our Fluoride-ion batteries and provide up to eight times longer battery life.

Electric Vehicles

Over the past decade the demand for electric vehicles has risen significantly, therefore, the need for rechargeable battery technology is also increasing. At Entech International our leading Fluoride-ion batteries contain higher energy density which allows for more charge. Within the electronic vehicle industry, we will be able to manufacture vehicle battery packs capable of up to 2000km per single charge.


Medical Industry

With advanced electronic medical equipment, reliability and battery life is the most significant need for doctors and surgeons alike. Our technology will be able to handle a broad spectrum of temperatures while providing the leading battery charge available.

Our Floruride-ion battery technology will not only provide a significantly longer charge but also work with various equipment that operates in different conditions and temperatures. 


Other Applications


  • Military Applications
  • Critical Power Solutions
  • Renewable Energy
  • Industrial Applications
  • Drone Technology
  • High Capacity
  • Wide Temperature Range
  • Cost Effective
  • Safe Energy Supply
  • Outstanding Performance