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The Future of Battery Technology

We have put our focus on producing battery technology with the best performance possible while using low-cost and widely available materials. Our Investor Relations page provides interested parties with the latest information and updates on
Entech International (H.K) Limited, if you would like to learn more about our company, please contact us today. 

8x Longer Charge

Our team is in the process of developing battery technology that will ultimately surpass the conventional battery life span by the factor of eight.

$125 Billion

Global battery demand is expanding at a phenomenal rate due to new technologies, the worlds market is expected to reach this figure by 2025.​


Our Fluoride-ion batteries are expected to transition from prototype stage to mass global production by 2022, catering for numerous technical applications.


The date our company was founded, with the most talented group of individuals, we have been pioneering this technology for almost a decade since established.

Corporate History

Entech International was incorporated in 2011 as a result various research into an alternative solutions for longer lasting batteries. Based in Shenzhen, China the company has since established an international reputation for its pioneering research within Fluoride-ion battery based solutions.

Entech International had successfully used the Fluoride-ion technology as a battery source and confirmed its viability in this sector, however, the main obstacles that were needed to overcome was stability and the ability to use in a low temperature environment.

The company received $13 million U.S. Dollars in March, 2016 from Institutional investors based on this research. The applications that the new battery technology could be used for were vast, longer lifetime and storage combined with the reduced cost and scalable production was extremely attractive to potential investors.

With this investment and continued research Entech International conducted further testing and development in Fluoride-ion technology for battery use.

We successfully built serval working prototypes in 2018, and soon realised the pioneering technology would have a multitude of applicational uses, from consumer electronics to electric vehicles. The potential was energy storage that could last for up to eight times as long as conventional Lithium-ion batteries.

Next Generation Charge

Entech International received $46 million U.S. dollars in September, 2018 from Hedge Funds, Venture Capitalists and Institutional investors to further continue its research and development into Fluoride-ion batteries.

Mr. Liu Tao, Chief Executive Officer at Entech International confirmed the company will progress in a realistic production stage by the start of 2022.

This Investor Relations page is reviewed and updated on a regular basis, however, should you need to contact us in for more information about the company, please contact the following:

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