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The Next Generation Of Battery Technology

Entech International was incorporated in 2011 as a result various research into an alternative solutions for longer lasting batteries.

Based in Shenzhen, China the company has since established an international reputation for its pioneering research within Fluoride-ion battery based solutions.

Our company growth has been accelerated by capital from institutional investors. Entech Internationals mission is to design and produce technology that will dramatically increase the energy density of rechargeable batteries, this technology is Fluoride-ion.

Our Company

Fluoride-Ion Batteries will
push the boundaries of possibility

Companies internationally are striving to discover the next generation of battery technology. At Entech International the focus was to use existing low cost materials in plentiful supply thus creating low production costs and having faster adaptation to integrate into mainstream markets.

Here at Entech International we have a diverse team which we understand is an integral part of our company history, culture and the company’s identity. We bring the very best talents across to world that take us one step closer towards tomorrows future.

Our company is improving the quality, efficiency and safety of battery technology. The vast amount of applicational uses that our technology delivers reach all industries that incorporate electric storage, we believe and strive towards pioneering the future of Flouride-ion battery technology.

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