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Entech International was established in 2011 following a series of successful research trials conducted using alternative methods for longer-lasting batteries.

The company’s team of researchers identified Fluoride as a critical element that would establish the next generation of battery technology. Fluoride is the Anion of Fluorine which corresponds to an extra electron with a negative charge. 

Entech Internationals research and development team managed to make several breakthroughs with Fluoride-ion batteries since studies began.

Pioneering The Future

The next-generation series of batteries from Fluoride-ion will be capable of having up to eight times as much energy density when compared to traditional batteries. 

The possibilities are endless, with many prototypes successfully developed, we are not too far from a future where you will be able to charge your smartphone once a week.

The significance of Fluorides is the chemical compound which contains two Fluoride atoms for every metal-based atom, and this translates into two electrons from just three atoms. When compared to traditional batteries, they only hold one electron from numerous atoms.

In 2019 Entech International developed a fully working prototype for smartphones which has pushed the boundaries of any technology we have today. 

With more tests being conducted with some final adjustments, Entech International will reach its target for the technology to be production-ready by 2022.